Not That, This!

With Geraint Evans

3 - Sara Hirsch: Clubbing, Parsley & Swimming Pools


Sara Hirsch is an award-winning poet and spoken word educator. Meeting up with Geraint at the Edinburgh Fringe, she discusses the joys learning how to say no, the perils of nightlife and the pure bliss associated with a good swimming pool. She also finds the time to give a big shout out to parsley. Yes, Parsley. Before Geraint gets on his high horse about Video Games and titles like Heavy Rain indicate the potential for the medium to become humanity's greatest storytelling medium.

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2 - Jordan Brookes: Robbie Williams, So Solid Crew & Lexx


Jordan Brookes was recently nominated for the highest prize in standup - the Edinburgh Comedy Award. Also a writer and actor, Jordan joins Geraint during his Edinburgh Fringe 2017 run.
They talk about the pain of Robbie Williams' Angels and 21 Seconds to Go by So Solid Crew and the effect they have on Jordan's Psyche. The forgotten Sci-Fi classic Lexx alongside Science Fiction heroes Stargate SG-1 and Star Trek The Next Generation. There's also some time to delve into intrusive thoughts and the benefits of cognitive behavioural therapy.

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1 - Steffan Alun: Dr Who, Watchmen & The Casual Vacancy

Steffan Alun (Llys Nini, Gwerthu Allan) is a writer, comedian and presenter in two languages - English and Welsh.
In a conversation that takes in the very best of Standup Comedy, Science Fiction, Comic Books & Graphic Novels - dissecting the likes of Dan Brown and J.K. Rowling and discovering an unusual form of mindfulness Steffan joins Geraint during his successful Edinburgh Comedy Festival 2017 run (where he was performing his show latest Romantic Comedy). We cover his love of Dr Who, even the Steven Moffat years. We find out that it's actually Steffan who watches The Watchmen and we unpick just how and why J.K. Rowling's first Potter-less novel is a true masterpiece.

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Geraint fills you in on what to expect from this new pop culture interview show. Find out a little bit about the upcoming guests, and their selections before giving you all what you really want; some interesting information about himself.