Not That, This!

With Geraint Evans

About The Podcast

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Not That, This! is a interview style podcast where journalist Geraint Evans invites Artists and Influencers to share their opinions on Pop Culture and the world in general.

The podcast hosts guests from any and all artistic disciplines be they Musicians, Comedians, Actors, Directors, Authors, Scriptwriters, Poets or anything else, in an effort to tap into what makes the people who create art tick - what's going on on when they interact with popular culture? What inspires them? What do they love? What do they hate?

In a friendly, gentle chat they speak with host Geraint Evans about their lives and their work before going on to answer two main questions - What is their Fools Gold? and What is their Hidden Gem? 

Fools Gold - Something hugely popular that the guest themselves hates. Guest have so far chosen a wide spread of art from Harry Potter to Glastonbury and criticised modern culture more deeply with examples like Clubbing and Right-Wing Populism.

Hidden Gem - Something unknown or underrated that the guest loves. So far we've seen examples that run the gamut from Charities to Video Games, Brilliant Comedians to Estonian Music Festivals.

Every week there's something new, with the different ways in which guests interpret the questions, it's always interesting. 


About The Host


Geraint Evans is a Journalist and Podcaster who's covered topics from technology and gadgets, TV, Movies and videogames as well as sports and gambling. 

He's a former standup comedian and you can still find some embarrasing old videos from that career on YouTube.

He loves his Wife, Folk Music, Football, Sci-Fi, and basically anything he's spent more than 5 minutes with.