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Not that, This! Episode 1: Steffan Alun

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Steffan Alun (Llys Nini, Gwerthu Allan) is a writer, comedian and presenter in two languages - English and Welsh. Below is a short, brilliant and funny clip of him explaining what it was like learning English as a kid. 

The first podcast. This was such a lovely experience. I’m blessed to have a lot of very talented friends and Steffan in particular, is someone I’m very close with. We speak on the phone most days and I think by now we’ve covered pretty much every element of pop culture in our conversations; for me, it was a no brainer to ask him to be the first guest on this podcast.

Steffan himself is a very accomplished standup comic, in both English and Welsh, but in the years that I’ve known him I have never met anyone else in that profession who has worked as hard or as smart as he does. He’s now touring his show Romantic Comedy in the UK and I think it’s absolutely wonderful, he never goes for the cheap shot like some comedians, instead choosing to weave genuine, relatable and funny stories. When I first saw his show this year I was filled with a weird mixture of pride and admiration for his achievements. This is a guy who I’d seen do his second ever gig and he’d made something brilliant. 

For the interview itself we were sat in the kitchen of the flat we were staying in Edinburgh. It was, as expected, casual and easy. A chat between friends.

Below you'll find show notes for the episodes, these are just a casual guide to the references we make throughout the interview. You don't need any of these to follow along, but I think they're fun.


The Edinburgh Fringe Festival - The world's largest arts festival. Comedy, Theatre, Spoken Word, Music, Books and everything else. Thousands of artists and hundreds of thousands of tourists descend on Edinburgh every August.

Preview - In standup comedy terms, a preview is when a comedian performs his hour-long show before it is fully ready. Comics use these to prepare for Edinburgh.

Dr Who - Is a long running sci-fi fantasy drama following the adventures of the titular Doctor and often his human companions.

  • Matt Smith is an actor who played the 11th or 12th incarnation of the Doctor. Depending on which type of Dr Who fan you want to have an argument with (it's complicated).
  • Steven Moffat was the Head Writer and Executive Producer. He faced plenty of criticism during his tenure despite the show being basically fine. 
  • Moffat's last year on the show (starring Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and Pearl Mackie as his companion, Bill) has been recognised by fans and critics as his best. 

Vampires of VeniceIs an episode of Dr Who that true fans love to hate and that everyone else recognises as 'an episode of Dr Who'.

Watchmenis a comic book first published by DC in 1986. Often held up as one of the finest works of it's medium, it aims to deconstruct and parody the superhero genre while reflecting on the socio-political anxieties of the time. 

  • Alan Moore is the creator of Watchmen, widely regarded as 'a bit grumpy' he famously fell out with DC over their continued publishing of the book (it's about rights).
  • DC have recently published prequels to Watchmen that seek to answer the question 'What were these guys like before all the interesting stuff?'

24Is that TV show everyone but me watched a few years ago. It's about some terrorism and one man who can stop it and he only has a limited amount of hours to do that in. I forget how many.

Richard Jones - Is a critic who analyses comic books in incredible detail. He's a mutual friend of me and Steff. Read him deconstruct the Fantastic Four, in the most brilliantly obtuse way possible, in Have Them Fight God.

Batman You know who Batman is.

Spiderman - You know who Spiderman is.

Avengers - You know who the avengers are.

Romeo & Juliet - Is a play.

Mark Millar - Is a Scottish comic book writer responsible for a ton of super famous works, including having a hand in creating Marvels Ultimate universe.

  • The Ultimates - An alternate reality version of the Avengers in Marvels comic books, The Ultimates are a heavy influence on Marvels cinematic universe. Which is fine, I suppose.

Joss Whedon - Made Buffy and Firefly and The MCU Avengers and The Justice League movie. 

Kevin Feige - President of Marvel Studios.

Squirrell Girl - Is a superhero who can talk to squirrels. It's MUCH better than it sounds.

Mark Waid - American comic book writer man. Tons of famous stuff including.

Christopher Nolan - Director, very famous. You know who is. Batman, Inception, that other one... you know?

The Casual VacancyI mean, Steffan talks at length about this. you don't need me.

J.K. RowlingSocialist, millionaire, Author.

The Da Vinci Code - Ridiculously popular book that was turned into a pretty popular movie starring Tom Hanks.

Dan Brown - Capitalist, millionaire, Author.

Harry PotterBook series and Protagonist and Messianic archetype, I think, I'm not really interested. 

Jeremy CorbynLeader of the Labour Party. Legend.

Mean GirlsTeen movie that Steffan actually made me watch and i secretly agree is brilliant. Don't tell him.

Spider-Woman - Like Spider-Man but a woman with completely different powers.

Electric Six - Brilliant indie/rock/garage/whateverelse band that were big like 10 years ago.

GothamTV show that i've never watched but I gather is about Gotham City before there were superheroes.... yeah.

Star TrekSci-Fi brilliance created by Gene Roddenberry and improved by others. Steffan is Wrong.

ColdplayYou know who Coldplay are

Lord of the RingsBig long book that was turned into a big long movie franchise and is soon to be turned into a big long TV series. I quite like it.

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